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$25.00 / month

Join the Movement by purchasing a Zouk Atlanta monthly membership!

You can choose a membership for a specific day of the week OR you can become a member of the Tribe!

Tribe Level Members receive discounts on special workshops and save the most money for more dancing!




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Membership FAQs

Where can you ask more questions?

E-mail us at [email protected]

Join the Facebook Messenger Wednesday Group Chat

Join the Zouk Atlanta Facebook Group

When does your membership start?

Your membership and access to classes starts immediately.

Example: You sign-up and pay on June 29th, your membership access will begin that day. Your next bill date will be one month later.


How do you cancel?

You can cancel your membership anytime BEFORE your next bill date. Just log in to your account.

Example: If your next bill date is August 1st then you must cancel by July 31st


When will you be charged for the subscription?

Your first charge is immediately when you sign up. Your next charge will be one month later and will continue like that every month until you cancel.

Example: You sign up on June 29th and are charged on June 29th. Your membership access begins immediately. The next charge to your account would be one month later.


Will the monthly price change?

You’re locked in at the monthly rate that you sign up for now. Your membership will include the classes listed in your membership until you cancel your membership or as long as we offer those classes. If the membership terms or class schedule ever change we’ll notify you so that you have an opportunity to cancel before the next invoice. If you join later or rejoin after canceling then your rate will be the current membership rate.

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