[za] Level UP program

How [za] Level UP testing works:

  • Tests will be conducted on Mondays or Wednesdays per your request.
  • You can let an instructor know you’d like to test and they’ll add your name to the list and let you know when it’s your turn.
  • Tell the instructor which level you want to test for.
  • Establish whether you’ll be testing as a lead or follow.
  • The instructor will ask you to demonstrate the techniques/patterns for that level by yourself.
  • After demonstrating the techniques/patterns, the instructor will dance with you for a song.
    • For follows: the instructor will lead you, sticking strictly to patterns in the tested level or below.
    • For leads: the instructor will dance with you as a follow and ask you to perform specific patterns in the tested level or below.
  • Once you’ve demonstrated the level’s techniques/patterns by yourself and danced with the instructor, they will let you know if you’re cleared to move to the next level. They will provide clear feedback about what you did well and areas you need to improve.
  • In the event that you do not level up, you’ll have one additional opportunity to test in the given month as long as you’re not testing for the first time on the last Wednesday of the month. The instructor may clear you to move up but request that you continue to take class at the prior level, in addition to the new level.

[za] Level 1 Criteria

  • Techniques:
    • 4 variations of the basic:
      • Basic in-place
      • Closed basic
      • Open basic
      • Progressive basic
    • Connection & frame
      • Ensure you provide an even and clear connection throughout dance
      • Ensure your frame is solid and doesn’t break throughout dance (ex: doesn’t break during lateral)
  • Patterns:
    • Lateral
    • Lunge
    • Simple turn
    • Viradinha

[za] Level 2 Criteria

  • Level 1 concepts
  • Patterns:
    • Bonus
    • Chicote
    • Rau
  • Must demonstrate ability to stay on-beat